22 June, 2012

bustered's playlist #1

Every once in a while I'll post a playlist of songs that I've been enjoying (it may be themed or not) and a description of each song and what I like about them.  Oh, and pictures!  Because whether we like to admit it or not, at least some of the reason we all like K-pop are the gorgeous men and women.  

Here is a random mix of songs that I have been enjoying lately (or for a while):

Link: bustered's playlist #1

1.) 니가 좋다 (or I Like You) by Infinite
This is from Infinite's newest mini album INFINITIZE (which is a really good album btw) and it's probably my favorite song from the album.  I love the pop rock influences and the chorus just makes me want to smile.  I would have liked a little more Woohyun though (not just in this song, but the whole album as well).

2.) You Look Good (feat. The Black Skirts) by Verbal Jint.
I actually ran into this song by way of an Infinite H cover performance (I'm a hardcore Inspirit if you hadn't already noticed) and it's such a great song.  I'm not a hip/hop and rap fan (at least not the American kind), but South Korea has such great hip/hop and rap artists.  This is such a smooth song, and Verbal Jint's rapping is great, and I love The Black Skirts as always.  If you like this song, make sure to check out other stuff by Verbal Jint.  He's brilliant.

3.) To You by Teen Top
I've pretty much have only read 'meh' to negative reviews about Teen Top's newest single, and I'll admit, I wasn't a fan at first.  I usually need a few listens to like anything by Teen Top, and I've never been too much of a fan... but this song! Has! Made! Me! Teen! Top's! Newest! Fangirl!  The choreography is great, and made me realize what great dancers Teen Top is, and their live performances are pretty solid.  Also, is Chunji the most adorable guy ever?!!?  Oh, and Ricky.... come to Noona!!  And C.A.P, you're a very handsome fellow, but bleached blonde and blue hair doesn't work... for anyone.  Please have a discussion with your stylist.

4.) Let's Try by f(x)
I know that f(x) is taking the K-pop world by storm with Electric Shock, and that song is catchy as anything, but it's definitely not the gem of their newest mini album.  "Let's Try" is kind of different from f(x)'s usual, but I love the softer sound, and the vocals all sound great.  Plus, Amber sings!!  Also recommended from the album is "Beautiful Stranger" sung by Luna, Krystal, and Amber.  

5.) 너 따윈 버리고(Let This Die) (feat. 타이거 JK) by Brian Joo
I have a huge amount of love for Brian Joo, but it took me a few months to really fall in love with his newest single.  It's a beautifully bittersweet sounding pop ballad, and Tiger JK's rap fits wonderfully and is definitely a highlight of the song.  Plus, the english sounds perfect.  I know Brian Joo is from New Jersey, and I think Engrish is hilarious, but it's always a relief to hear flawless English.

6.) 나만 힘들게 (Only Hard For Me) by M.I.B
I've become a massive M.I.B fangirl since "Celebrate" and I really like the way they've been developing ("G.D.M." was fun, but shallow, and I can't really take it seriously).  Again, Korean hip/hop is awesome, and I love the very individual rapping styles by 5zic, Cream, and SIMS.  Kangnam's vocals really shine in this song, and overall, it's a really beautiful song.  Their live performances are also great.  And on a shallow note, isn't 5zic the hottest thing ever?!  Actually, they're all pretty gorgeous.  These guys are way too underrated.

7.) 그냥 걸었어 (Just Calling) by BB.Boys
This three member group (but coming back later this year with three more members), came and went last year without too much fuss.  I didn't love their promoted track "We Will Be Okay" with G.Na, but this other song on the mini album has become one of my favorite K-pop songs.  I love the chillness, the vocals during the chorus, and the guitar solo: it just feels like an old school pop song... in a good way.  A very good way.

8.) 한참 (A Long Time) (ft. Yiruma) by HITT

HITT was among my favorite boy bands that debuted in 2011 (and I think they are coming back this year under a new name...), and this is my favorite from their debut album.   This is  one of the most beautiful ballads I've ever heard.  It's isn't tortured or dramatic sounding, but rather, a quiet(-er) musing on memories of one's long lost love, and the last high note is  stunning and is a perfect ending to this perfect song.  Oh, and Yiruma, plays as wonderfully has always.

9.) Cry by MBLAQ
So it's taken me over a year to fall for this song, but sometimes, that's just the way it is.  I love MBLAQ, and this definitely wins for most beautiful MBLAQ song.  The last part of the choruses just sends shivers down my spine.  Plus, the MV is gorgeous!  And I'm not just talking about Seungho, G.O., Joon, Mir, and Thunder.  I love the dramatic poses in the water, the color schemes, the outfits, the choreography, and the ending in the "rain".  I think the song could have done without the rap, but everything else is absolutely perfect.

10.) 촌스럽게 굴지마 (Don't Be Tacky/Don't Act Countrified etc.) (ft. Junhyung) by ALi 
ALi is one of my favorite Korean vocalists- she's so amazing.  This is my favorite song from her Soul-ri album, and I love the slightly jazzy feel.  Junhyung's rap flows well with the song, and he once again proves why he's one of my favorite rappers.

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  1. I've only listened to a few of these myself, but I think that I will have to listen to all of them now! ^^