20 June, 2012

a BIG headache

In the which dewaanifordrama talks about why she's falling for the latest Hong Sisters drama, but she's not sure if it's in or out of love...ohtokay?!

I think episode 4 is the one that got me hooked, I am in it for the long haul, and then episode 6 happened, and I think WHERE IN THE WORLD IS THIS DRAMA GOING?????? I guess that's actually really a good thing because it means it's new and fresh, right? I think I'm just worried that some silly makjang plotline is going to come out of the closet and bite me and make me mad.

Other characters: I'm loving Suzy as Ma Ri, but really, episode 6 ending...why does she have to know right now as well?  I really love her and Da Ran's baby bro - Choong Shik - why don't you stay with him, and just forget Kyun Joon? Please?! I am hating Se Young - can Jang Hee Jin ever play someone nice? And the mom - maybe not as bad as evil mom in Boys Over Flowers - but I cringe at manipulative mothers. Also, PE teacher crush - cute! Will he end up with the other teacher? I feel like the lovelines are all one big jumbled ball of wool - everybody is all mixed up in each others' lovelines. So confusing!!!! And now Ma Ri and Se Young are going to make it even more tangled. Argh! But this confusion is good, it keeps me invested.

Speaking of confusing: bustered and I were having a conversation about the bench kiss scene. We get the drama kiss tease - but when it comes down to it, there's some chemistry there, but it's confusing. He's confused, she's confused, we're confused. How are we supposed to feel about this OTP because I'm fairly certain it's the OTP, or not? Ah, so confusing!!! I want them to be the OTP, but it's weird because of the age gap, and I am pretty sure the Hong Sisters have deliberately made it confusing. Also - is it weird that I want the OTP to be Da Ran and Kyung Joon? Well, maybe Kyung Joon in Yoon Jae's body, or maybe in his own. I'm confused.

All the confusion is making me think more about what makes me so uncomfortable. Is the discomfort with the age gap just cultural? Or is there more to it? In some ways age is just a superficial label we place on how many minutes, hours, days, months, years we've been here on the earth - but haven't we all met people who seem older, or seem younger? Why is it so weird that an older women could be with a younger man (but the other way round is not so weird)? I get that the power differential is not good in a relationship - and could be abusive, but post-time skip Kyun Joon in Yoon Jae's body is somewhere in-between. He has skipped in many ways, the line is a lot fuzzier, and I think that is what makes it even more confusing. Kyun Joon though doesn't seem so confused anymore post time skip, he seems more grown-up and his whole bearing makes me a lot more comfortable with the OTP pairing.

Kyun Joon knows that he likes Gil Da Ran, and he's not afraid of it. I really love that about his character - he is very true to his feelings and his heart (even though in this case it's totally men boong* - which I feel like is coming up so much more in dramas post QIHM confession - Hong Sisters meta reference?). The problem comes in with Da Ran. I think Da Ran was never really in love with Yoon Jae, I think she's in love with the idea of being in love, and being in love with who she thinks is Yoon Jae, but that's not who he is (and we also really don't know who he is either). I think part of her problem is that she had instant connection with Kyun Joon - but can't really see it because she doesn't know what love is.  Her mom noticed it though which I find really interesting. The hearts in her eyes that Kyun Joon talks about aren't the real deal, but when it comes down to it, she's there for him (except not completely in episode 6 - but she was coming back - so that's good). Kyun Joon though has a better idea of what love is, and so he's going for it. I thought that the "please go for the Kyun Joon bait Gil-Teacher" scene was just beautiful, heartachingly sweet, and beautiful - he's willing to be vulnerable and face rejection, which I find very manly. She can't see past the superficial layer of the numerical value of his age though despite the very adult body in front of her. He did grow up somewhat in the time skip, but he's not there yet, which is okay. This drama so far is keeping me interested, but is it going to kill my heart?

I am super, super curious to see how they resolve this all. Will Kyun Joon go back to his body and be together with Da Ran? Will he stay in Yoon Jae's body, and somehow get his inheritance and resolve his Kyun Joon history? And be together with Da Ran? How are the angel books/picture all connected? What is the connection between Kyun Joon and Yoon Jae? I guess I really just want Kyun Joon in Gong Yoo's body to be with Da Ran because that is who we're getting to know, and I would feel totally robbed if we don't get a Lee Min Jung/Gong Yoo OTP - but Da Ran and Kyun Joon. Ohtokay?! I probably shouldn't worry too much, right?

men boong - "Men boong is a current Korean slang [term] that is the shortened [form] for 'mental boong-gaeh' which is a combination of the English word 'mental' and the Korean word 'boong-gaeh'. Boong-gaeh means collapse, or breakdown, so 'mental boong-gaeh' means mental breakdown. It is a way [to describe] so much shock, your brain shuts down." Joonni  

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  1. Well, confused is the perfect word for how I feel right now. Also, where the heck did that one plot line/hint (or whatever it was!) about June 24th go? Did I miss something there?

    I'm not the hugest fan of the Hong sisters, but I am enjoying Big. It's just I don't know where I'm supposed to stand with our main relationship. It's a lot less weird than "I Love Tae Ri" (which is a shame because I'm finding Park Ye-jin super likable and charming- plus, I just like her), but I feel like I can't be completely on board with anything on this show. Except for Gong Yoo. I'm definitely on the "I LOVE GONG YOO SO MUCH" ship.

    1. I am SO on the "I love Gong Yoo so much" ship! Yeah - I am hoping the June 24th clue comes soon too.