28 June, 2015

School 2015 - Who Are You? OST Giveaway!!!

Two lovely puppies to adore
Hello again dear blog readers! I recently bought the School 2015 - Who Are You? OST album and it was so cute that I thought I would get another for a blog giveaway! Yay! I know that many of you who watched the drama also really loved the OST as well (it was a really good one, wasn't it).

06 May, 2015

Section TV "Angry Mom" Ji Soo & Kim Hee Sun Interview [English Translation]

Someone commented on the iMBC Ji Soo Interview translation post asking about this Section TV interview and what Ji Soo and Kim Hee Sun were saying about each other. My Korean listening skills are definitely still not anywhere close to understanding all of it, but luckily one of my awesome Korean friends translated what I couldn't. So for your Ji Soo love and adoration, here we go. (Also please credit and link back to this piece if you refer to this translation etc.) Thank you!