03 March, 2015

Drowning in Drama: a dewaanifordrama update

Dear Drama Friends,

Do you sometimes feel so despondent about watching drama, think you'll maybe give it up because you can't find anything interesting, and then all of a sudden, it's pouring so many dramas you want to watch, you can hardly think??!?!?!?!?! Wasn't that a rather long sentence? Well, that happened to me over the past few months, and just when my life is going to get really busy again *sigh*.

27 February, 2015

A Note about Hyde, Jekyll, Me & Kill Me, Heal Me

There has been much chatter in the drama world about these two dramas and constant comparison (often at the expense of Hyde, Jekyll, Me). Now I want to get something clear. Both dramas are not good. Both dramas are fairly mediocre in many ways. Neither of them are exceptionally well-written nor amazingly entertaining. The latter of course is a completely subjective opinion, the former less so. Of course, we can all watch dramas and love them and be passionate about them, but that doesn't mean that they are of good quality. There are many dramas that I unabashedly love, but they aren't necessarily good quality dramas. I also know that we don't necessarily all watch drama with the intent to analyze or to determine quality, but some of us do. Sometimes I watch drama just for something to watch, or to be entertained, and there is nothing wrong with that. I do however have a big problem with someone bashing a drama and saying it's bad just because they don't like it. You can like something and still know it's bad, and also hate something and still acknowledge it is of good quality.

25 February, 2015

Announcing the Winner of the Healer OST!!!

Hi there dear readers and participants in the first blog giveaway. I am sorry that my response on the winner was delayed. Life sometimes gets in the way of blogging it seems ;) I am sure you are all on tenterhooks. I really wish I could have been able to give you all prizes, I really do, but sadly, there I can only give you the one.

14 February, 2015

2014 Reel Rewind: The Year in Review

Hi there drama lovers!!! I was hemming and hawing about whether or not to do this review post because it's already February, but then I figured that I have benefited so much from other people's review posts that I should pay it forward. Despite 2014 being a rather insane year for me, and part of it featured some K-drama desert spells for me, I still watched a few dramas. Okay, I admit that a couple of them I marathoned in January, but I still managed to watch a chunk in 2014. I've ordered the dramas how many points they scored on the final ratings page, which you can check out here. I've only included the dramas I actually finished from 2014 though there are a bunch that I watched several episodes of. Maybe I'll do a part two if once I finish them. And these reviews are spoiler free.