14 August, 2014

Fall in Love with Me Episode 20 Preview

So wait?! How do we get from scheming, sneaky Lu Tian Xing to a wedding with Tao Le Si?! This drama! So the writers play pin the tail on the storyline-donkey or something each week?! The other though that scares me is that this could be a dream. Ah! No! I can't think like that!

08 August, 2014

Fall in Love with Me Episode 19 Preview

So has anyone actually heard anything definitive about how long this drama is going to be? There wasn't even a smidgeon of Taozi in this preview, which makes me think we're still not near enough for that happy ending that I would like. Oh well.

06 August, 2014

KCON 2014 Here We Come!!!

dewaanifordrama's biases
Hello dearest bloggersphere. I'm sorry that I have been rather quiet here on the blogging front, but really, my life is INSANE right now. And that's putting it lightly. Despite the craziness, I'm going to KCON 2014 where I hope to meet some lovely artists, and of course all of you who are going!

31 July, 2014

Fall in Love with Me Episode 18 Preview

Oh man, I guess we really are going full on noble idiot here. I thought that once Tian Xing knew that Huan Huan was faking the whole wheelchair thing, he would be sure to drop her like a hot potato, but it appears not. Dang it!