11 May, 2016

#StarringJohnCho, Racism, Whitewashing & Reasons to Watch Asian Dramas

Wang Kai
Photo credit: L'Hommes Offciel
This post is probably going to be somewhat long, not about any particular Asian drama, but rather about some heavier topics and some good reasons to watch Asian dramas. It might also ramble in places, but these thoughts have been percolating for a while, and I probably already have several drafts of elements I'll discuss in this post, and well, sometimes when thoughts are buzzing around in my head, it's easier to write them down.

06 May, 2016

Ode to Joy: Pros and Cons, but Mostly the Cons

For those of you whole follow me on social media and on Wang Kai International, you might know I was super excited to see Wang Kai in a new drama, and one that boasted a female-centric storyline. The trailers looked promising, and for the most part, I do enjoy the drama, but there are a few things that are particularly frustrating to me. Note, I have only watched up to episode 22, so there might be things that come to light later on that might skew my opinion, but so far, this is where I stand. (And this post is actually mostly not about Wang Kai ;P)

22 February, 2016

Hello. It's Been a While.

Hi. *awkwardly waves* So I promise I haven't forgotten about this blog. I really haven't. I know it's been a while since I've posted here and I wanted to explain why (in case you didn't already know) and to also chat about future plans.

28 November, 2015

Happy Four Years of Drama Watching!!!

Thank You Kakashi ^^
Um...well...technically I think the 25th is my official "anniversary" of starting to watch Korean drama (which has slowly morphed into watching other Asian dramas as well), but I um...forgot to celebrate it a few days ago. Haha. So belated happy anniversary then? What I really want to do with this post is to say THANK YOU!!!