04 November, 2014

Love Cells Episode 1 Recap: Discovering Love Cells

The first episode of Love Cells is off to it's quirky and off-beat start introducing us to our main lead and his romantic woes. The drama has sort of been on my radar and I was curious to check it out, but hadn't really given it much thought (and here I am recapping it). At only 6 minutes and change, it's a quick watch, and probably doesn't need much explaining, but I figured I may as well try my hand at recapping it for those of you who can't find it with English subs. This Dramabeans post has a little more on the low-down of who's involved etc. if you want to know more about the premise etc. So let's get started shall we. If you want to watch it on Naver, just click here. That's where people are watching it here in Korea, but I am not sure if the Naver link will work in your country. Give it a try and let me know.

07 October, 2014

Roy Kim [Home] Album Review

I've always been a fan of Roy Kim, and this album release makes me love his music even more. There is something about the low key, plaintive notes of this album that just speaks to me. While I do love his upbeat tracks like Love Love Love and Bom Bom Bom from previous releases, I am in love with this latest listing of tracks. And what's even more awesome about is that there are official audio YouTube versions of the non-MV tracks as well, so you can preview the album before you decide to buy it. Yes! I am totally down with that! And now I am totally going to head over to the music store and pick myself up a copy. Muahahahahaha, the benefits of living in Korea. (Hopefully it will be on iTunes and other places soon). And the review is going to be less technical in its scope.

14 August, 2014

Fall in Love with Me Episode 20 Preview

So wait?! How do we get from scheming, sneaky Lu Tian Xing to a wedding with Tao Le Si?! This drama! So the writers play pin the tail on the storyline-donkey or something each week?! The other though that scares me is that this could be a dream. Ah! No! I can't think like that!

08 August, 2014

Fall in Love with Me Episode 19 Preview

So has anyone actually heard anything definitive about how long this drama is going to be? There wasn't even a smidgeon of Taozi in this preview, which makes me think we're still not near enough for that happy ending that I would like. Oh well.