02 October, 2016

On the People Who Watch Asian Dramas

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I've been doing a little pondering on why I watch dramas (and still stick with drama watching in general even when so many of them aren't necessarily amazing, though some are) and I've come to some conclusions. Now of course this is more personal introspection and my own perspective, and I most quickly and readily acknowledge that. I know that drama watching is a very personal thing for people and people watch for many different reasons. Of course, feel free to add your own thoughts in the comments. Also, please forgive the very rambly nature of this post. It is late at night and I should be asleep but for some reason my brain was like: write this post!

13 September, 2016

In Defense of Gender Cross-Dressing in Dramas

Cross-dressing in fiction is a staple, whether it be Shakespeare, Bollywood, or your pick of Asian dramas, and normally takes the form of women dressing up as men. We even see it in western film, though interestingly enough it often takes the form of men dressing up as women, Mrs. Doubtfire being an example, but really it's used as a story device in many cultural traditions (and has been for a long, long, long time). It's used so often that I think that people get tired of it (mostly because it seems so obvious that the person isn't who they claim to be), but let me pose one reason why I think we still need it, and why it won't go away any time soon: societal views on gender.

11 September, 2016

W Isn't Crazy - It's Just Philosophy

What is reality? No I really mean that. What is reality? Is it a sum total of your experiential knowledge, both conscious and unconscious? What are your thoughts/ideas/beliefs about the soul? Is there life after death? Is Harry Potter real? Is Siri real? Is Jane Austen real? I ask these questions because I've seen a lot of people say W is totally crazy, that the writer is just throwing in everything and the kitchen sink, that it doesn't make sense, that it's stupid, that it's become derailed, but then I watch and I think, this is an interesting take on reality and poses interesting questions about self-determination and free-will. Okay, now with that intro, I really want to get back to this question about reality.

11 May, 2016

#StarringJohnCho, Racism, Whitewashing & Reasons to Watch Asian Dramas

Wang Kai
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This post is probably going to be somewhat long, not about any particular Asian drama, but rather about some heavier topics and some good reasons to watch Asian dramas. It might also ramble in places, but these thoughts have been percolating for a while, and I probably already have several drafts of elements I'll discuss in this post, and well, sometimes when thoughts are buzzing around in my head, it's easier to write them down.