23 August, 2015

Congratulations and Hello!!!

Congratulations to our School 2015 - Who Are You? OST giveaway winner: maxq nz!!! Max is a pretty huge fan of the lovely and talented Kim So Hyun. So Max if you wouldn't mind emailing me (at dewaanifordrama@gmail.com) your name and address of where I can send the OST album and I'll pop that in the mail this week.

28 June, 2015

School 2015 - Who Are You? OST Giveaway!!!

Two lovely puppies to adore
Hello again dear blog readers! I recently bought the School 2015 - Who Are You? OST album and it was so cute that I thought I would get another for a blog giveaway! Yay! I know that many of you who watched the drama also really loved the OST as well (it was a really good one, wasn't it).