24 November, 2015

Wang Kai "Stories You Didn't Know About His Hands" Q&A [English Translation]

So if you don't already have Wang Kai fever, well, there's room for you here. Not only has he found some recognition and fame but he's super, crazily busy doing all sorts of interviews and promotions. This is a recent Q & A he did about his hands (which also have quite the fan following), and of course we can't blame anyone for loving his hands. They are really beautiful!

15 November, 2015

Wang Kai's Dragon TV Award Acceptance Speech [English Translation]

He's so dapper and handsome!!! ❤
On the 14th of November, Wang Kai received his first drama related popularity award at the Dragon TV Awards ceremony. He gave a really awesome acceptance speech and SooJun translated it for us so that we can all enjoy his lovely speech and love him even more!!!

12 November, 2015

Wang Kai's Rapid Fire Quiz Interview [20151103]

While chatting with SooJun and Mimi on Twitter as we shared our mutual adoration and love of Wang Kai, SooJun shared that she was thinking of doing some translation projects of Wang Kai interviews. Of course I think this is a brilliant idea!